Repeating Patterns

I’m on a mission to create myself some hard-light-shadowed-object-that’s-been-photographed-pattern.

Granted, it needs a shorter name.

The designer in me feels like these are repeating patterns created in something like Photoshop.

So this is literally a test to see how easy it is to do with just photography, but my skills are digital — so I fear this will be mostly digital.

I got the camera and kit out — by no means professional, as you can see :)

Shot a few of the lemon at different angles with the light at different angles.

pre edit lemons

Found the one with the best focus and light.

Headed into Photoshop to remove the background.

close up lemon with red background to give it context

With the original background removed, time to tidy it up.


I need to work a bit harder on the lighting, I’m more a fonts and layout designer, rather than photo manipulation, but I like where this ended up.

As I assumed it was predominantely Ps work, so I’m keen to see how anyone can do it using mostly photography without breaking the bank with expensive gear.

Thanks for reading :)

Me on Unsplash.




Community Support @Unsplash ■ Human Being ■ Photographer ■ Illustrator

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Hello I'm Nik Design

Hello I'm Nik Design

Community Support @Unsplash ■ Human Being ■ Photographer ■ Illustrator

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