Content Club — 21st April | Support During Lockdown

This morning (21st April) I hosting the #ContentClubUK Twitter chat, I wanted to chat about how people are feeling supported, if they’ve needed it or given it.

In the early days of the Corona Virus Lockdown it was business as usual for me, with the exception of not being able to see my other half, but as time has gone on it’s got tougher and I wanted to see how everyone else was coping. Some really lovely responses came through, here’s the questions with a selection of my favourite answers.

Q1. Are you using this time to approach people to offer your help? If so, what help are you offering (work/emotional/other)?

I was interested to hear how people have been helping others and how they’ve approached them — I’ve felt like I would like to do more but feel awkward getting in touch with strangers. Also the whole digital etiquette thing, I don’t want anyone getting any wrong impressions, and want to maintain boundaries — it’s a minefield of psychological stuff 😅.

Q2. How are you approaching people (social media/email/other) and are they people you know already or people you feel may need a shoulder at this time?

Q3. Have you been supported? If so, in what way and how did it help?

Intrigued to hear how people have been supported themselves, and if it was worthwhile. I’ve never experienced anything like this and hopefully never will again, but it’s a confusing time, especially at the beginning, we all weren’t sure what was going to come and several weeks in, it’s a little clearer but there are still a lot of unknowns.

Patience was a word that came up, and as the worlds most impatient person this has been a huge learning curve. I’ve spent time re-learning how to read (read?), yep I couldn’t read past an 140 character count —but since the beginning of lockdown I’ve smashed my way through 3 books, I’d forgotten how to sit down and read a book without getting distracted. Damn social media 😂

A great turn out today, thank you to all who contributed, giffed, and sent love — and if you’re still feeling a little unsure about things, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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