(Never Legos….ever, the name Lego is a combination of Leg Godt, which means Play Well. Play Wells? nah. Stop.

I digress.

So, I haven’t been too well and I found a stronger obsession with Lego, than I already had. I wanted to get away from screens. I digress again.

Last week I ordered this beaut…

A bird of paradise plant, made of Lego. Lushness.

Then someone reminded me of something that was being released on 1st July. I couldn’t resist.

I’m on a mission to create myself some hard-light-shadowed-object-that’s-been-photographed-pattern.

Granted, it needs a shorter name.

The designer in me feels like these are repeating patterns created in something like Photoshop.

So this is literally a test to see how easy it is to do with just photography, but my skills are digital — so I fear this will be mostly digital.

I got the camera and kit out — by no means professional, as you can see :)

Dylan Sauerwein + Unsplash

(edited 25th May 2021)

If you actually, seriously want to get better at photography you need to practice and test — other people’s feedback is their opinion mostly, so the best way, even before you even pick up the device, is to learn the basics.


Before you even pic up your phone or camera, the absolute, absolute, aaaaaabsolute basics need to be learned first. Once you know the rules, you can bend the rules (but don’t bend them too much or you’ll end up with 💩) Hopefully this article will give you an idea of where you should start.


Work from Home Apathy by helloimnik

I’ve been out of the office now for 6 years, I worked in them for 19 — I’m actually not sure I could go back to that way of working 🧐

I also said that I wouldn’t write a thing about working from home, because everyone has done it — but I still see lots about people struggling especially with the mental health side of things, so I’m going to offer up my undemanding take.

If you’re new to home working, or have been forced into home working here are some down to earth tips that could help you get…


The investment you make in the design of your brand and brand products is an important one. If you don’t think you’ll be able to achieve what a designer can, you need to hire one.

How will you know which designer is right? Or how much is the right price?

I’m here to hopefully debug that info for you in this post.

Whatever stage you’re coming in at, be it a full rebrand, or a marketing piece — you need to be clear about what you need. With that, the designer will be able to let you know;

  • if they’re…

illustration by me | procreate — background image by Luke Chesser Unsplash

I feel like I’m the only creative that doesn’t have instagram.

‘it’s the best place to be if you create’

But if you really look deeply at the platform, there’s very little creating going on.

Most of the accounts I saw when I was on there were posting photos of retro tech taken by someone in the 80s, nostalgia is what was building their accounts of thousands of followers and it began to feel unfair.

You’d also see very talented illustrators or creators new to the platform with hardly any engagement, because they’re artists not influencers or marketing experts.



I’ve been working as part of the Unsplash Editorial Team going through the photo submissions that come in daily for a year — the best bit about it is, as it’s a 100% manual process, I get to see every photo that comes in 😍

As well as working for Unsplash, I set up a Photography Group in the town I lived in 11 years ago, which is still going strong, learned the technicals of a camera working up from bridge camera to DSLR and began as a Freelance Photographer working with clients around the country.

I decided half way…

helloimnik | Unsplash

What we’ve been through since this all started has been an eye opener. Something unprecedented, something none of us have experienced in our lives, and hopefully never will again. I’ve wanted to document it, stay calm enough to have focus on what to document — the anxieties not quite staying at bay.

Here in the UK we’ve endured having to stay in during unseasonably hot weather, depressing rain for days (no snow-unlike last year thankfully), several weeks (I’ve lost count and don’t want to remember) of no garden, no family, no boyfriend near me.

There have been some positives. I’ve…

This pandemic lockdown has been an interesting time, still amongst it I’m seeing trends of things happening locally.

Firstly, people aren’t picking up their doggie doos as much as they were. Yum! Secondly, latex gloves, everywhere.

So I chose to document the gloves 🥊 and not the doos 💩

These poor creatures were discarded, left to fend for themselves amidst the crisis that we’re all in while the bins look on, hungrily.

This morning (21st April) I hosting the #ContentClubUK Twitter chat, I wanted to chat about how people are feeling supported, if they’ve needed it or given it.

In the early days of the Corona Virus Lockdown it was business as usual for me, with the exception of not being able to see my other half, but as time has gone on it’s got tougher and I wanted to see how everyone else was coping. Some really lovely responses came through, here’s the questions with a selection of my favourite answers.

Q1. Are you using this time to approach people to…

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